7 Things to Do in Mui Ne

Mui Ne was once an unknown town that thrives on fishing for livelihood but has transformed in recent years to a top tourist destination in Vietnam. Now, its coastline is fringed by posh resorts, modest homestays and midrange hotels.



Here are some things you may want to experience when visiting Mui Ne:

1. Sunset watching at the Red Sand Dunes – what makes Mui Ne exceptional from other tourist spots in Vietnam is its lovely sand dunes. Visitors can either charter a motorbike (with driver), rent a motorbike or join the 4×4 jeep tours mostly offered by hotels and tour operators. There are two types of Mui Ne sand dunes, the red and the white sand dunes. The red sand dune is a perfect spot for watching the breathtaking Mui Ne sunset. Local kids will normally approach you to try sand-sledding for a minimal fee.

2. ATV Ride at the White Sand Dunes –Marvel at the beautiful scenery of the coastal town of Mui Ne as you head your way north to the lovely White Sand Dunes.  This territory is hemmed by vast pastoral land dappled with plantations and bushes and adding more drama is the blue sky hovering above.  Near the white sand dunes there’s a lovely pond hugged by swaying pine trees. There are two companies here that offer ATV rides for about $20, try your hand at it and go rough riding in the rolling sandy hills.

Untitled3.See the Fairy Stream The miniature gorge of Mui Ne, commonly known as Fairy Stream is typically part of the Mui Ne tour. There’s a small river that snakes through the sand dunes, the boulders and the bamboo forest. Scale up the red sand hills overlooking the river valley or take a refreshing dip before leaving.

4.Visit the Mui Ne Fishing Village– If you’re headed to the red or white sand dunes, chances are you’ll pass by at one of the fishing villages.  Stop at the side of the street and marvel at the scenic view of colorful fishing boats floating in the cerulean sea. You can also buy fresh seafood from the local fishermen here.

5.Visit the Po Shanu Cham Tower – Not usually part of the Mui Ne day tour but is offered as a separate tour is a visit to the Po Shanum Cham Tower.  This ruins of the ancient Cham culture was constructed in the 8th century. It stand proudly in a hill in Mui Ne, overlooking its neighboring town Phan Thiet and a cemetery dotted with candy-like gravestones.


6.Go Kitesurfing or windsurfing – A popular water sports in Mui Ne is kitesurfing and windsurfing, best season is around November to March.  The shoreline is dappled with resorts that offer kite surfing lesson starting at $60 USD per hour . The azure beach of Mui Ne is usually dappled with colorful kitesurfing and windsurfing equipments.

7. Feast on Seafood – You will never run out of a place to dine in Mui Ne as several restaurants flanked the area. Highly recommended are the seafood eateries run by the locals that are lined up by the bay. They offer delicious fresh and live seafood at cheaper cost than the restaurants of the hotels.



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