This page features my favorite travel blogs and websites around the planet.  Feel free to read them for tips  and ideas on your next travels. If you want your travel blog to be added in this list, please send us e-mail at insidesoutheastasia(at)yahoo(dot)com


Adaphobic – travel and photography blog of Ada Lajara

Adventurous Feet – DIY trips and tips



Backpacking Travel Blog –  Samuel and Audrey’s RTW blog


Batang Biyahera – a travelogue about cultural exploration, visual walks, food trips…somewhere in between

Browman Trips – seeing life on a different light. a Pinoy travel blog

Budget Travel Tips – Travel tips for budget travelers


Chasing Philippines – Mitch blogs about her travels in the Philippines


Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – Crazy travels, fun adventures and sexy photos


Dialogue with a Wanderer  – great travel narratives of Roman Leo Reyman

Doc Gelo – a personal, lifestyle and travel blog of an expat doctor

Doi Speaks – a personal blog of travel blogger Doi

Dubai OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers Community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Travel Blog  – attractions, restaurants, adventures, cultures and events in Dubai

Dream Holiday Guides – amazing destinations around the world


Escape Islands – travel stories of Dong HoF

Flights and Frustrations – the rants, ramblings and ruminations of a frequent traveller

Flipnomad –  a Filipino backpacker blogging about his long term travels in Asia

Flip Travels – travel narratives of  Monette and Ron

Frameless World – blog of a travel photographer on a long journey around Asia





Happy Philippines – a Philippines travel blog covering travel, lifestyle and food.


Ivan Lakwatsero -adventures of a young Filipino mountaineer


Jeff Was There – Do-it-yourself  Travels

Juanderful Pinoy – wanderlust on the road

Just Wandering

Journeying James

Journeys and Travel –  travel blog Doc Wends




Lakad Pilipinas

Lakas ng Trip

Lakbay Lente  – travel narratives of a Filipino mountaineer

Lonely Travelogue – a travel blog by Jherson Jaya

Looney Planet – great travel narratives of RV Escatron



Miss Backpacker – The Cassanova Travels


Nomadic Experiences

Nomadic Samuel – A quirky digital nomad on the road for 7 consecutive years


Out of  Town


Pasahera – travel blog of Nel de Leon

Philippine Travelogue -lifestyle and travel blog

Pinay Travelista

Pinay Travel Junkie

Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy Explorer – Culture, Adventure and Nature

Pondering Paodaolei – travel tales of a wanderer, ponderer and cat-lover


RJ D Explorer – I wander, I experience, I kwento



Secret Traveller Blog – 1Cover’s award winning secret traveller offers some of the best kept travel spots and secret locales to the most disappointing tourists destinations around the world. This travel blog puts a unique spin on travelling.

Senyorita – a tale of travels and adventures of a young Filipina

Senyor Lakwatsero

Solitary Wanderer – travel blog of a Filipina solo wanderer

Soloflighted – been there. done that.

Suroy Pilipinas – a great blogger from Bukidnon showcasing what his home can offer



The Backpack Chronicles –  a nomadic girl who dreams of conquering the entire Philippines

The Backpackman – travel, adventures and anything in between

The Frustrated Traveler – Tina blogs about her frustrations for traveling

The Pinay Solo Backpacker – Philippine travel blog of a Filipina traveler

The Road to Anywhere – World adventure travel blog by Dean

The Shades of Gray – photography and travel blog of Elal Jane Lasola

The Traveling Nomad – The Geek Travels

The Travelling Feet – a great travel blog by DoiSpeaks

The Wrong Way Home – a solo female travel blog

Tracking Treasure – personal travel blog of  a young adventurer

Traveling Light –  travel blog by Claire Madarang



Traveling Up – a travel blog of  travel writer Kara Santos










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